• weigh less than half a kilo, it fits comfortably into hand luggage making it ideal as a hire car booster seat.
  • is cheaper than rent a booster seat from a car hire firm.
  • is very portable and can be easily stored in a schoolbag, handbag, rucksack, hand luggage, which makes it brilliant as a travel car seat for holidays, relatives, taxis, rental cars etc.
  • is much more comfy for little bottoms and legs than the rigid ones.
  • appeals to kids who are cool, it is cool to be safe.
  • inflates in less than 30 seconds by blowing into the valve at the rear of the seat. When the seat has been inflated more than twice, it is even easier as the seat tries to self inflate.
  • easily fits three across the back seat provided that there are enough 3 point seat belts to restrain the children. It also fits two larger harnessed car seats and a Bubblebum® across the back of most cars.
  • is easily inflated and held securely in place with the seatbelt restraints, ensuring that the belt is in position across the child’s lap.
Tehnical features
Seat group:     Group 2-3
Child age:       4 to 12 yrs
Child weight:   15 to 36 kg 
Size:              33 x 33 x 11 cm (when inflated) 
Weight:          less than half kilo
Standards:      Meets USA standards FMVSS213 and EU standards     ECE R44/04.
Includes:        BubbleBum® booster seat, bag and shoulder belt positioning clip.

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